Abby Gemza

Rosholt, WI

Hometown: Rosholt, WI
Currently Living In: Beaumont, TX
School: Lamar University
Graduation year: 2023
Area of Study: Communication
What do you want to do? Professional soccer player
Occupation: Server at BWW!!

Position: Questionable
Playing Soccer Since: 4 years old
Last Team You Played For: Lamar University
Favorite soccer memory: Driving hours upon hours with my parents.
Biggest soccer accomplishment: Playing Division I
Biggest life accomplishment: Being happy with what is in front of me.
Favorite pump up song: Janice at the Hotel Bar
Hidden talent: I can kill any plant.

What do you bring to the team? Positive energy and a winning attitude.
Why do you love soccer? It brings so much joy to my life and being around amazing women warms my heart!!
What are you excited about? WINNING GAMES
What is special about the Green Bay Glory? The culture they enforce and the community of wonderful people surrounding the team!!

Abby Says:
This means -- everything