Brianna Frontuto

Luxemburg, WI

Hometown: Luxemburg, WI
Currently Living In: Morgantown, WV
School: West Virginia University
Graduation year: 2024
Area of Study: Law School
What do you want to do? Become an Attorney
Occupation: N/A

Position: Goalkeeper
Playing Soccer Since: 2005
Last Team You Played For: Northern Michigan University
Favorite soccer memory: In my collegiate senior season, my team beat our biggest rival on my senior day in the Superior Dome to advance to the Conference tournament. I got my 100th save of the season during this game. It was an awesome experience to share with my teammates.
Biggest soccer accomplishment: My biggest soccer accomplishment is probably making the Green Bay Glory team. I have done a lot of things in my soccer career, especially in college, but there are not many that I can say I didn't make the team the first time, but I came back a second time as a better player and made the team another time around.
Biggest life accomplishment: My biggest life accomplishment so far is getting into law school and getting really good grades in my first semester of law school. Success is so much sweeter when you know how hard you worked for it.
Favorite pump up song: Avengers: Endgame by Jared Moreno Luna
Hidden talent: I can solve a rubik's cube. Currently, my time is under 2 minutes, but I am hoping it will get faster.

What do you bring to the team? I think I bring hard work and passion to the team. I pride my game and my soccer career on hard work because I really think hard work will get you anywhere in life. It is all about hard work and a good mindset.
Why do you love soccer? I love soccer because this game has taught me so much about hard work, discipline, dedication, the strength of your mind, working with others for a common goal, and it has taught me a lot about myself. I would not be the person I am today without soccer.
What are you excited about? I am excited to play back in Green Bay again in front of family and friends who have watched me play over the years. It will be nice to be in front of a home crowd again.
What is special about the Green Bay Glory? The Green Bay Glory is special because this organization truly wants the best for the community and its players. It wants to invest in the development of the Green Bay area, put time and effort into the soccer programs in the area, and really genuinely help the players develop skills on and off the field. I have never seen an athletic organization so invested in the community and the players off the field as much as I have witnessed in the Green Bay Glory organization.

Brianna Says:
Being on the Green Bay Glory, to me, means another opportunity to grow and learn. It also means a shot at redemption and to improve from the day before.