Brianna Messner

Seymour, WI

Nickname: Mess
Seymour, WI
Currently Living In:
Seymour, WI
University of Wisconsin-Green Bay
Graduation year:
Area of study/what do you want to do:
Math, Spanish, Engineering, Education, International Business
Inside Sales Engineer for Access, Inc. I am currently employed as an inside sales engineer and I would like to continue to learn more about the HVAC industry and be the best that I can be in my position so that I can contribute to the success of the company. 

Position: Central Midfielder, Outside Back, Center Defender (or anywhere other than goalie)
Playing Soccer Since: 
Last Team You Played For: 
Favorite soccer memory: 
All of the time spent with and memories made with so many amazing teammates throughout the years.
Biggest soccer accomplishment: 
Captain of my college team and earning the Player's Player, Defensive MVP, and Coach's awards.
Biggest life accomplishment:
 Being able to compete at the highest NCAA Division level.
Favorite Pump Up/Pre Game Song: Danza Kaduro
Hidden Talent: 

What do you bring to the team?: Competitive Attitude, Awareness in the game, Positivity, Work Ethic, and puns and jokes every once in a while too
Why do you love soccer?: 
It's fun, it's competitive, there is always room to improve and grow, quick decision-making and how fluid the game is, playing with teammates that have the same passion for the game as I do.

What are you excited about?: I can't wait to get back on the field! I love to play and it feels like it has been such a long time since I have been able to consistently play at a competitive level.
What does this mean for you?
It gives me the opportunity to prove to myself and others that I can still play at a high level and compete. It also allows me to show the youth players that I coach how far the game can take you and it gives them something and someone to look up to that has a similar background as them. I am very honored to be part of this opportunity because it shows how much soccer has grown in our community over our recent past and I am very grateful to be able to be part of it. 

What is special about the Green Bay Glory?
The opportunity to continue playing at a competitive level, the representation of women soccer players in our community, and all of the positivity that has surrounded this program and the positivity that this program has spread throughout our community. The people as well - those who work behind the scenes to provide this opportunity for everyone,  those I have had and will have the opportunity to get to know better as teammates, and those in the community that have showed their continual passion and support for soccer in our area.