Lauren Singstock

Oshkosh, WI

Hometown: Oahkoah, WI
Currently Living In: Duluth, MN
School: University of Minnesota - Duluth
Graduation year: 2023
Area of Study: Psychology
What do you want to do? I am still deciding between working in the law side or medical side of psychology but am taking numerous classes on both subjects to help me with my decision!
Occupation: Retail Sales

Position: Outside Midfield or Forward
Playing Soccer Since: 5 years old
Last Team You Played For: Currently playing for the women's team at UMD
Favorite soccer memory: Traveling to San Sebastian, Spain with my club team to play in the Donosti Cup.
Biggest soccer accomplishment: Winning the U18 State Championship with my club team.
Biggest life accomplishment: Graduating high school with highest honors and being accepted into a great state university that allows me to play soccer at the collegiate level.
Favorite pump up song: Money and the Power by Kid Ink
Hidden talent: I can make a good monkey face.

What do you bring to the team? Dedication, determination, and a positive and upbeat attitude.
Why do you love soccer? It challenges me every day and is a great team sport that allows me to grow and thrive as a teammate and an individual.
What are you excited about? Being able to play with many new talented players as well as some past teammates.
What is special about the Green Bay Glory? It's a team that represents a great community and area and creates a positive environment for its players, staff, and spectators.

Lauren Says:
It means that all my hard work and dedication to this sport has paid off by being given to the opportunity to play at such a high, competitive level.