Miranda Nieman

Vesper, WI

Hometown: Vesper, WI
Currently Living In: Vesper, IL
School: University of Wisconsin - Stevens Point
Graduation year: 2023
Area of Study: Health Science
What do you want to do? Athletic Training
Occupation: Athletic Training

Position: Goalkeeper
Playing Soccer Since: 5 years old
Last Team You Played For: University of Wisconsin - Stevens Point
Favorite soccer memory: It is hard to pick just one, but we were warming up before a game and one of my teammates shot the ball and hit the crossbar and hit me in the face and then hit her in face.
Biggest soccer accomplishment: Being able to play at this level with the Glory.
Biggest life accomplishment: I'm only 20, but graduating high school is an accomplishment.
Favorite pump up song: All of the Lights (Kanye West)
Hidden talent: I can make the Perry the Platypus noise. 

What do you bring to the team? Humor and positivity and competitiveness to push my teammates to be better too.
Why do you love soccer? I love how competitive soccer is. I also love how fast pace the game is and always having to think further than what you have seen. It also gives all of us a chance to be creative and bond together and become a team.
What are you excited about? To actually play after a whole year without soccer.
What is special about the Green Bay Glory? Glory is special because even though it is such a new team, everyone is so welcoming and caring and we don't know everyone yet. But once you start talking to these girls, it seems like you've known them for a long time.

Miranda Says:
Soccer means everything to me. It's about the teammates, the coaches, the experiences, and all the memories we will all get to share too.