Ashley Grant

Green Bay, WI

Nickname: Grant or Rice
Hometown: Green Bay
Currently Living In: Green Bay
School: Southwest
Graduation year: 2005
Occupation: CrossFit Coach at CrossFit One Shot and stay at home mom

Position: Center Mid/Defensive Center
Playing Soccer Since: 8
Last Team You Played For: St. Mary’s University
Favorite soccer memory: All of them!!!
Biggest soccer accomplishment: making the Glory after not playing competitive ball in over a decade
Biggest life accomplishment: Being a mother to 3 wonderful kiddos!
Soccer Idol: Michelle Akers 

Favorite Food: A great cheeseboard
Favorite Hobby: CrossFit
Hidden talent: Cooking!
Top 2 Favorite Movies: Tombstone & Pretty Woman
Favorite Band: First Aid Kit

What do you bring to the team? Intensity, aggression, and leadership
Why do you love soccer? It brings me joy. Playing soccer is my happy place!
What are you excited about? Playing at a high level with an amazing group of girls!
What does this mean for you? Another chance to play the sport I love while getting to share it with my family.... it’s unreal! 

Ashley Says:
The people bringing this team to life, they love the game and it shows in all aspects of what they have done here. It’s an honor to be part of it!