Meet Our Glorious Sponsor

Thank you Nicolet National Bank!

We absolutely love that  Nicolet Bank is all about Real People, Real Conversations. We were so inspired but the many ways Nicolet gets involved in the community and love how they support youth athletics and academics. It's a partnership that means a lot to Glory and we look forward to sharing more of the amazing things Nicolet Banks does and can't wait to continue our partnership.

We loved walking into the gate of our home stadium and seeing our sponsor Nicolet Bank who were one of the first to step up and help make Glory a reality! Thank you Eric Witczak and the Nicolet team for supporting us! #glorygratitude

It’s so awesome to see how much Nicolet Bank supports our community! This is one of the fields we practiced on this year at Spring Green park in Howard. This kind of support is a big deal and gives thousands of kids the opportunity to play soccer and brings families and communities together. Thank you Nicolet Bank!

Check out some of the "Real People, Real Conversations" that Nicolet Bank inspired...