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Did you know the Green Bay Glory is a non-profit 501(c)3 so all donations are tax deductible?!

Sponsorship opportunities for 2020 season are still available. Please contact us for our full sponsorship packet.

The Green Bay Glory Women’s Soccer Team is a subsidiary Green Bay Glory Inc., a non-profit organization. This organization relies on outside assistance to support our players and teams. Money donated to the Green Bay Glory is used to offset expenses for registration fees, uniforms, trainers, equipment, travel, referee fees, and field fees. Monies are further used to provide mentorship, education, resources, life skills training and opportunities for young and adult athletes. Our goal is to keep our athletes and staff healthy, motivated, and inspired so they can succeed in sport and life and be of great service to their community. 

For more information on partnership opportunities get in touch with us.

Travel Fun-d

(Bus and Hotel)

$11,000 - $15,000 +

Help the team travel the midwest! Regular season and exhibition matches require travel to areas such as Milwaukee, Indianapolis, Chicago and Minneapolis. Our goal is to travel to these locations as a team whenever possible.  If we qualify for post-season matches, our travels may take us to Michigan or Minnesota and possibly Oklahoma! Travel by bus can get very expensive. In fact, this is one of our biggest operational expenses! Please consider helping us get “those wheel on the bus going ‘round and ‘round!”

On the Road Fun-d

(Meals and Snacks)

$5,000 +

When on the road, we would like to be able to offer our athletes and staff water and snacks (fruits, cheeses, crackers, veggies, granola bars, trail mix, etc). We also hope to provide at least 1 meal each day we are away from home. Help us keep our athletes at their best while on the road. Please consider donating to our Food and Snacks fund!

Team Equipment

$3,000 +

In our 2nd year of operation, we hope to purchase additional equipment to enhance our athletes’ training experiences. Ladders, hurdles, arches, agility poles, defensive mannequins, cones, rings, rebounders and mini goals are all on our wish list. If extra money is available we hope to purchase corner flags. Please consider donating to our Equipment Fund!

Essentials Fun-d

$1,000 +

Anytime the team is traveling, practicing or competing we carry a special team travel bag. This bag contains our 1st aid needs such as bandages, antibacterial sprays and gels, gauze, tape etc. Also included in our bag are hygiene products, eye drops, contact solutions, over-the-counter medications and pre-wrap. But did you know that the unofficial Glory team candy is the Gummy Bear?! It has become tradition for our team to partake in a healthy supply of Gummy Bears on game days! We think this tradition is pretty sweet!! Please consider donating to the Essentials Fund!

We Choose Fun-d

If you don’t really care where your donation goes within the Green Bay Glory organization, this is the fund for you! We promise to put your donation to good use! Many thanks for your trust and generosity!!