The Glory is Green Bay's only community preprofessional soccer club. 

The Glory soccer teams are subsidiaries of Green Bay Glory Inc, a non-profit organization. The mission of Green Bay Glory Inc. is to advance opportunities for athletes who seek to better their lives and the lives of others through sport. Our goal is to provide mentorship, education, resources, life skills training and opportunities for young and adult athletes to help keep them healthy, motivated, and inspired so they can succeed in sport and life and be of great service to their community. Green Bay Glory Inc. serves Green Bay, Wisconsin and its surrounding areas and all of its activities are completely funded by public financial support and in-kind donations.

Help us put more smiles in the community by sending kids to a Glory game! Throughout the season, our players pop up at youth practices and events throughout the community and surprise them with tickets to a game bought by our fans. Both our players and the kids love it! You can purchase one or a group of tickets and will have the option to select a group or organization to donate to. Customized tickets are also available.

Step Up With Us!

Sponsorships for 2024 now available