How it all began...

The Green Bay Glory Soccer Club emerged from a collective passion for the game and a deep-rooted desire to create meaningful opportunities for athletes in the local community. This club, which offers the highest level of pre-professional competition for both female and male soccer players, was founded by a group of dedicated leaders who shared a common vision. Their mission? To provide a platform for athletes to shine both on and off the field, while also fostering a sense of unity within the community.

The spark that ignited the formation of the Green Bay Glory can be traced back to former WPSL player Kerry Geocaris. Inspired by her own journey in soccer, which involved a childhood dream of playing professionally, Geocaris made a significant comeback at the age of 39 as a member of the Milwaukee Torrent. However, upon returning to her hometown to play for the United Hurricanes Women's Premier team, she encountered numerous challenges, including forfeits from opposing teams unwilling to travel to Green Bay.

Frustration turned into determination as Geocaris and her teammates realized the need for greater opportunities for female soccer players. Thus, the idea of Green Bay Glory was born. In 2019, Geocaris joined forces with Melissa Cruz-Cuene and Bree Rezachek, enlisting the support of community members to establish the women's team, which competed in the Women's Premier Soccer League (WPSL). The team quickly garnered success and developed a loyal following, setting the stage for expansion.

Following their establishment, the Green Bay Glory women's team quickly captured the hearts of fans, leading to a surge in ticket sales and the need for a larger venue. This growing fanbase propelled the team to move their home games to the expansive Capital Credit Union Park, signaling their meteoric rise in popularity. Not only did they excel on the field, but their off-field efforts also garnered recognition, earning them the prestigious title of franchise of the year and multiple awards for their outstanding broadcast and social media endeavors. With this success came an influx of sponsorship support, not only from local companies but also from national and international brands eager to align themselves with the Glory's mission. As the team's reputation soared, so did the diversity of its player pool, attracting talent from around the globe, including countries like Brazil, Kenya, Ireland, and England. Beyond the game itself, the Green Bay Glory became known for their commitment to supporting players in all aspects of their lives, offering mentorships, internships, job placement opportunities, and more. After two seasons in the WPSL, the team was invited to join the USL W League for two seasons before returning to the WPSL, where they continue to flourish and expand their impact, staying true to their mission of providing unparalleled opportunities both on and off the field.

In 2024, Elliot Bordini, son of Geocaris and a collegiate soccer player, was driven by his passion for the game and a desire to create similar opportunities for male athletes. Inspired by the impactful initiatives of the Glory women's program, Bordini spearheaded the establishment of the first Glory men's soccer team in the Midwest Premier League. His goal? To not only keep men engaged in the sport but also to contribute to their holistic development, both on and off the field.

For Bordini, the formation of the men's team represents more than just a new chapter in Glory's journey—it's a commitment to community engagement and the cultivation of well-rounded individuals. His vision aligns seamlessly with the ethos of the organization, which aims to empower athletes and foster a sense of belonging within the community.

As the Green Bay Glory continues to expand its reach, both on and off the pitch, the core values of unity, opportunity, and service remain at the forefront. With the launch of the men's team, the organization is poised to make an even greater impact, uniting the community through the beautiful game and providing a platform for athletes to thrive.

Through their subsidiary, Green Bay Glory Inc., the organization remains steadfast in its mission to advance opportunities for athletes and promote personal growth through sport. Supported entirely by public financial contributions and in-kind donations, the Glory aims to provide mentorship, education, and resources to athletes of all ages, ensuring they have the tools they need to succeed in both sport and life.