Ashley LeCount

Stratford, CT

Home town: Stratford, CT
Currently living: Greenville, WI
School: Sacred Heart University
Graduation year: 2007
Area of study: Psychology.  
Occupation: I work in the Human Resources Department at Moraine Park Technical College as an HRIS Coordinator.  

Position: Goalie
Playing soccer: since I was 8
Last team You played for: Sacred Heart University. Variety of women’s leagues, co-ed leagues.
Favorite soccer memory: I don’t have a favorite – I truly cherish the friendships that I have made with the people who share the same love for the great game of soccer.
Biggest soccer accomplishment: Making the Glory 🙂
Biggest life accomplishment: Raising 2 beautiful children with my best friend.
Soccer Idol: when I was growing up it was Peter Schmeichel.  I admire and idolize many of the soccer greats especially the women that have paved the way for girls/women’s soccer.

Favorite food: Pizza
Favorite hobby: traveling
Favorite Band: O.A.R

What do you bring to the team: Leadership, and passion.
Why do you love soccer?  I love soccer because the game is fun to play, fun to watch, and I have made so many great friends and memories with the people I have played with!
What are you excited about: I’m excited about playing at a competitive level and sharing the experience with my kids, building new relationships with my new teammates, and creating lifelong memories.
What does this mean to you? This means I get to play at a competitive level but also help mentor and develop the younger players.

Ashley says:
The passion the founders bring to the team, and the mission of the Glory make it special.