Catie Schmitt

Green Bay, WI

Nickname: Schultz
Hometown: Green Bay
Currently Living In: Green Bay
School: UW-Green Bay
Graduation year: 2011
Area of study: Biology
What do you want to do: I want to continue to strive to be the best version of my self, being authentic, compassionate, and living a life I can look back on and be proud of. Part of that includes me seeing myself going back to school to become a Nurse Practitioner one day!
Occupation: Registered Nurse (I work at Aurora on the Cardiac unit)

Position: Midfield
Playing Soccer Since:
5th grade
Last Team You Played For: Green Bay Glory's inaugural year!
Favorite soccer memory: Playing on parents day, my one year as a walk-on at UWGB. My dad was feeling just well enough to make the first half. I got to run my rose out to him and my mom, and then they both got to see me play as a D1 athlete. It was an emotional moment but the memory brings feelings of pride and happiness.
Biggest soccer accomplishment: Being able to play competitively, even in my 30's and making the inaugural Glory squad. Hopefully more great things are to come!
Biggest life accomplishment: So far, it's been buying a house and being blessed with the life and opportunities I've been given. I do hope there are more big things in store for me!
Favorite Pumped Up/Pre-Game Song: Remember the Name (Tough Rhymes)

Hidden talent: I'm a really good running pacer. Basically, I'm the super energetic person holding the mile pace stick ready to motivate you to meet your race goal time. I can also create a personalize running training plan for you and help you accomplish your race goal in that way! 

What do you bring to the team? Leadership, positivity, hard work ethic, and a fun personality.
Why do you love soccer? I love playing the game. I love the friendships and memories that were and will be created because of it. With soccer, camaraderie that is created on and off the field is something you just cannot explain until you're out there experiencing it. I also have a bit of a competitive side and I love to run, so this is the perfect game to bring that out! 🙂
What are you excited about? I'm excited to see how I can continue to grow in this sport; both as a soccer player and community member. I hope to contribute towards my teammate's successes just as much as grow into my own.
What is special about the glory? The Green Bay Glory is a team that was formed on more than just playing soccer games. It was created to help young women of all backgrounds come together and grow both personally as a soccer player and as an individual. It provides opportunities for young women to make connections and creates possibilities for growth in school, jobs, and community involvement. It is a club that prides itself in the building of not just a club, but a tight knit family that continues to expand and grow as each day passes.

Catie Says:
This means an opportunity to be a part of a team, involved within our community, doing good things. It's an honor to have made the roster and I'm looking forward to the season and beyond!