Grace Taylor

Green Bay, WI

Hometown: Green Bay, WI
Currently Living In: Green Bay, WI
School: St. Norbert College
Graduation year: 2022
Area of study/what do you want to do: Major in Communication and Minor in Graphic Design

What do you want to do? Public Relations and Media Specialist
Occupation: Student 

Position: Forward
Playing Soccer Since: 4 years old
Last Team You Played For: St. Norbert College
Favorite soccer memory: Winning State Cup 6 times
Biggest soccer accomplishment: Playing in the National League
Biggest life accomplishment: Being a college soccer player!
Favorite Pumped Up/Pre-Game Song: The Buzz
Hidden Talent: I love to paint!

What do you bring to the team? I think I bring happiness and fun!
Why do you love soccer? Soccer is always there no matter what. Just grab a ball and you can have some fun. There are always highs and lows in life and soccer will always make it better.
What are you excited about? We have such a good group of girls and I think we are going to mesh so well and have a super great time together.
What's special about the Green Bay Glory? We are a team that reaches every end of the community and touches everyone. The players and coaches are really special people. We are picked as good soccer players, coaches, and staff, but we are also picked as good people.

Grace Says:
This means more then just soccer. This is for our community. For the love of soccer, family, friends, and teammates!