Hanna Lech

De Pere, WI

Nickname: Hlech 
DePere, WI
Currently Living In:
DePere, WI
St. Norbert College
Graduation year:
Area of study/what do you want to do:
Business and Biology with a minor in Spanish. I want to go into Health administration 
I currently work at Bellin as a CNA and I am also a coach at MacRoc Soccer Academy 

Attacking/Defensive Midfield 
Playing Soccer Since:
age 4 
Last Team You Played For:
St. Norbert, used to play at Oral Roberts
Favorite soccer memory:
Scoring during a playoff game during high school
Biggest soccer accomplishment:
Winning runner-up at the Northwest Conference Championship in Seattle with my club team
Biggest life accomplishment:
Totaling my car a week after I got my license...... 
Soccer Idol:
Kevin De Bruyne (Manchester City) 

Favorite Food:
Favorite Hobby:
Hidden talent:
I play acoustic guitar 
Top 2 Favorite Movies: 
Forrest Gump and She's the Man 
Favorite Band:
Does Ariana Grande count?

What do you bring to the team?: A good time, a little humor and a lot of hard work
Why do you love soccer?:
I love soccer because as a team sport, learning how to work with a group in unity is something I think is really cool. Everyone on the team has to do their part and work for each other for things to go well, and if you fail you've got a whole team to pick you back up. 

Favorite Quote:
"No, you go to hell, and while you're there, why don't you get me a juicebox!"- Will Ferrell in Kicking and Screaming
What are you excited about?:
I am most excited about spending my summer with such great people that push me to be my best and truly care about me and the game of soccer.
What does this mean for you?
This means that I get the opportunity to play at a high level with some really fun teammates. 

What is special about the Green Bay Glory?
Green Bay Glory is special because the environment is like none other. All year round, soccer or not, Green Bay Glory is a family that supports you in every aspect of your life. From texts checking in on you to coming to your other soccer games to support, the Green Bay Glory staff and team are made up of truly outstanding individuals.