Hanna Lech

De Pere, WI

Nickname: Hlech 
DePere, WI
Currently Living In:
DePere, WI
St. Norbert College
Graduation year:
Area of study/what do you want to do:
Business and Biology with a minor in Spanish. I want to go into Health administration 
I currently work at Bellin as a CNA and I am also a coach at MacRoc Soccer Academy 

Attacking/Defensive Midfield 
Playing Soccer Since:
age 4 
Last Team You Played For:
St. Norbert, used to play at Oral Roberts
Favorite soccer memory:
Scoring during a playoff game during high school
Biggest soccer accomplishment:
Winning runner-up at the Northwest Conference Championship in Seattle with my club team
Biggest life accomplishment:
Totaling my car a week after I got my license...... 
Soccer Idol:
Kevin De Bruyne (Manchester City) 

Favorite Food:
Favorite Hobby:
Hidden talent:
I play acoustic guitar 
Top 2 Favorite Movies: 
Forrest Gump and She's the Man 
Favorite Band:
Does Ariana Grande count?

What do you bring to the team?: A good time, a little humor and a lot of hard work
Why do you love soccer?:
I love soccer because as a team sport, learning how to work with a group in unity is something I think is really cool. Everyone on the team has to do their part and work for each other for things to go well, and if you fail you've got a whole team to pick you back up. 

Favorite Quote:
"No, you go to hell, and while you're there, why don't you get me a juicebox!"- Will Ferrell in Kicking and Screaming
What are you excited about?:
I am most excited about working for my team and seeing what we can do together
What does this mean for you?
This means that I get the opportunity to play at a high level with some really fun teammates. 

Hanna says...
What is special about glory is that Green Bay has been waiting for a team to come here and I can already tell the spirit and enthusiasm is going to be huge.