Hannah Kugler

Wrightstown, WI

Nickname: Kugs
Hometown: Wrightstown, WI
Currently living in: Wrightstown, WI
School: UW Fox Valley, Freshman year played at Monmouth College
Graduation year: 2021
Area of study/what do you want to do: Chemistry major, Business minor
Occupation: student and intern at KI in Green Bay

Playing Soccer Since: 5 years old
Last Team You Played For: Monmouth College
Favorite Soccer Memory: playing my senior year of high school with my sister
Biggest soccer accomplishment: undefeated in conference all four years of high school and scoring the OT goal to win our sectional semifinal game my senior year.
Biggest life accomplishment: Being able to continue to play the sport I love in college.
Soccer Idol: Mallory Pugh

Favorite Food: Sweet Potatoes
Favorite Hobby: Traveling
Top 2 Favorite Movies: Kingsman and Mr. and Mrs. Smith
Favorite Band: Chris Young and Kane Brown

What do you bring to the team? I am competitive and have a strong work ethic.
Why do you love soccer? The relationships built with teammates and growing as a person
What are you excited about? I am excited to be playing on a woman's team instead of coed adult league team and being able to play with some old club teammates.
What does this mean for you?  I was honored to be offered a position coming from a small town and thinking that the highest level I'd ever play was college soccer.

Hannah says:
It has brought together a group of women that may have never played together if it wasn't for this team and the coaching staff and has.