Jaci Mielke

Green Bay, WI

Nickname: Mielke
Hometown: Green Bay, WI
Currently Living In: Green Bay, WI
School: Michigan Tech
Graduation Year: 2018
Occupation: Engineer at Point Beach Nuclear Power Plant

Position: Forward
Playing Soccer Since: 5 years old
Last Team You Played For: Michigan Tech Huskies
Soccer Idol: 1999 Women's World Cup Soccer Team

Favorite Food: Steak
Top 2 Favorite Movies: Any Tom Hardy movie and Phantom of the Opera
Favorite Band: Jackson 5
Favorite Hobby: Playing with my dog and cat. (Hi Colby and Sirius!)
Hidden talent: I can make a really good frown face like the emoji. 

Favorite soccer memory: Game winning header off a corner kick in the GLIAC tournament. 
Biggest soccer accomplishment: Making NCAA Soccer Tournament twice in my college career.  
Biggest life accomplishment: Graduating Michigan Tech
Why do you love soccer? Soccer has been one of the most consistent things in my life, opened so many doors, competition, and lead me to so many amAZing people/teammates in my life. 
What do you bring to the team? Energy, commitment, and encouragement
What are you excited about? Playing at a high level with a team again
What does this mean for you? I get to play the sport I love till my body doesn't let me. 

Jaci says...
After I accepted my full time offer to come back to work in Green Bay, I knew there was no high level/competitive women's soccer team in Green Bay, and I came to terms with that after I graduated. But these amazing people/coaches gave me this opportunity to play again and I have never wanted anything so bad, just be able to be back on a soccer team in my life is an amazing feeling and I am so grateful.