Kerry Geocaris

Green Bay, WI

Nickname: Geo
Hometown: Green Bay, WI
School: Marquette University
Graduation year: 2001
Area of study: Broadcast Journalism
Occupation: Life, Business, & Athletic Performance Coach at Simply Kerry

Playing Soccer Since: I was kicking in my mom's belly
Last Team You Played For: Milwaukee Torrent
Favorite soccer memory: Almost any with my brother Tim...but probably scoring from from outside the 18 on my men's team in the Miller Cup or the amazing sibling connection we had where he made a run all the way from the back left and I crossed it from the right and he scored - I didn't even have to look up and I knew he would be there. Also, practicing with him as a kid...he spent hours and hours teaching me things at the field behind our house. 
Biggest soccer accomplishment: Retraining my left leg after multiple surgeries and making a comeback at age 39
Biggest life accomplishment: Discovering who I truly am without my sport to define me and now teaching others how to use sport as a form of self-discovery and not sacrifice
Soccer Idol: My brother Tim

Favorite Food: Green Smoothie
Favorite Hobby: 
Video editing, course creation, and sports - I love playing and taking adventures!
Hidden talent: 
Speed reader, super fast typer, and video editor. I work super fast! I also talk fast, think fast, and have a gazillion ideas in my head all the time. 
Top 2 Favorite Movies: 
I love inspirational movies based on true stories - sports ones specifically. Blind Side, Remember the Titans, but Elf and Christmas Vacation are staples in our house
Favorite Band: 
This is too hard, I have too many and don't want to leave anyone out. Currently listening to "Coming Home" by Sheppard, "Walk Me Home" by Pink, "Imagine" by Nico & Vinz, "Head Above Water" by Avril, "Touch the Sky" by Hillsong United

What do you bring to the team? Myself 🙂 A ball full of energy, positivity, resilience, and life experience that I am longing to share and pass on to all these amazing girls and the ones to follow. 
Why do you love soccer? It's the place where as a child I could just BE. I could feel free and alive. I could connect with others and was an avenue to shine and make a mark in the world. I have played so many other sports and I have found that soccer is the one that brings all the things we look for in life together. You can connect without speaking, get out of the box and get creative, you don't need plays and tactics...a great game of soccer is when you can put 11 people on the field who all have different gifts and skills and allow them to play as themselves and watch the magic happen. 
What are you excited about? I am excited to watch these girls shine and make an impact in the community. There is nothing better than watching someone have their glory moment. I can't wait to witness many of these moments throughout the season and watch the ripple effect as this team comes together to bring smiles, inspire, connect, and entertain families in our community.
What is special about the glory? The people. All of the people that are part of this....the team behind the team, the players, and the supporters. Every single person brings a piece of themselves to this and it makes it so GLORIOUS! 

Kerry Says:
This team is a testament to my personal journey and my way of giving back to the sport and community I love. It gives purpose and meaning to the struggles I endured. I am grateful that I can finally take all that I have experienced and help others to shine, build resilience, find meaning in their life, and continue to play the sport that brings them so much joy.