Katarina Kussow

Green Bay, WI

Nickname: Kiki
Hometown: Green Bay, WI
Currently Living In: Eau Claire, WI
School: University of Wisconsin Eau Claire
Graduation year: 2022
Area of study/what do you want to do: Marketing
Occupation: Student

Position: Center defense
Playing Soccer Since: 5
Last Team You Played For: University of Wisconsin Eau Claire
Favorite soccer memory: Bus rides
Biggest soccer accomplishment: Winning state for high school soccer
Biggest life accomplishment: Playing soccer for UWEC
Soccer Idol: Landon Donovan 

Favorite Food: Burgers
Favorite Hobby: Swimming
Hidden talent: I can wiggle my eyebrows
Top 2 Favorite Movies: Grease & Just go with it
Favorite Band: Maroon 5

Why do you love soccer? I love soccer because it’s something that has been with me my whole life and has brought me so many new experiences and friends. I has allowed me to travel and meet people from all over. It also brings people from all around the world together. Playing in practices, games, pick up games bring me so much joy or anytime I touch a ball. I love knowing I’m improving. It also gives me stability in my everyday life.
What are you excited about? I am excited about playing at a high level than I’ve ever played before.
What does this mean for you? For me this means improving myself and continuing to play because I love the game.

Kiki says:
The fact that there are women from all different age ranges that all have different experiences that are coming together to play a game they love.