Monica Majeski

New Franken, WI

Nickname: Mon
Hometown: New Franken, WI
Currently Living In: St. Cloud, MN
School: St. Cloud State University
Graduation year: 2020
Area of study/what do you want to do: Athletic training/physical therapy
Occupation: Student

Position: Center midfield
Playing Soccer Since: Age 5
Last Team You Played For: St. Cloud State
Favorite soccer memory: My senior year of high school, beating Sheboygan North with 30 seconds left in the game to take first place in conference.
Biggest soccer accomplishment: Playing at the collegiate level
Soccer Idol: Carli Lloyd 

Favorite Food: Cookie dough ice cream
Favorite Hobby: Anything outdoors
Top 2 Favorite Movies: The Incredibles and Home Alone 2
Favorite Band: Maroon 5

What do you bring to the team? Hard work, grit, and determination 
Why do you love soccer? I love soccer because it takes every member of the team to be successful. It’s always a challenge as the game is never the same and the clock never stops.
What are you excited about? I’m excited to play in my hometown again and be reunited with many women who I have previously played with or against over the years.
What is special about the glory? It’s the first program in Green Bay to compete in the WPSL, giving many women the opportunity to compete at a high-level.

Monica says:
This means continuing to play the sport I love at a competitive level with some of the best players in the Green Bay area.