Skylar Prentice

Pulaski, WI

Nickname: Sky
Hometown: Green Bay, Wi
Currently Living In: Green Bay/ Bemidji, MN
School: Bemidji State University
Graduation year: 2020
Area of study/what do you want to do: Exercise science for pre-Occupational Therapy
Occupation: Coach at MacRoc Soccer Academy, Coach at SAGA gymnastics

Position: Holding mid/ defense
Playing Soccer Since: 3 years old
Last Team You Played For: I am currently a junior at Bemidji State University.
Favorite soccer memory: Winning our conference for the first time ever this year
Biggest soccer accomplishment: Being able to continue my love for soccer in college
Biggest life accomplishment: Finding a college that is a perfect fit for me and all the amazing friendships I have
Soccer Idol: Julie Johnston

Favorite Food: Pizza!
Favorite Hobby: Soccer, gymnastics and puzzles!
Hidden talent: I can do a back flip
Top 2 Favorite Movies: Tangled and A Cinderella Story
Favorite artist: Luke Combs

What do you bring to the team? I will bring a hard work rate but also a fun personality.
Why do you love soccer? I love soccer because it is something I have always grown up with. It has helped me shape me into the person I am today.
What are you excited about? I am excited to finally get to play with my big sister Morgan who is also on the team 🙂
What does this mean for you? The start of this team means a lot because not only is it an opportunity to improve my soccer skills but also give back to the community. 

Skylar says...
Green Bay Glory is so special and so awesome because it gives players another opportunity to do the thing they love most. After high school and college it can be so hard to find opportunities to play again and that is what Green Bay Glory is doing! The level of soccer being played in Green Bay is getting more advanced and this will only continue to help soccer in our area.