Join the Movement - #GloryIsEssential

#GloryIsEssential - The focus of this initiative is to remind us all to do good, look for the good, and recognize the Glory around us. We hope this initiative will be a bright spot in everyone’s lives and inspire, motivate, and connect our community. Most of all, we hope to put smiles on faces.

#GloryIsEssential will include:

  • Glory Athlete-Led Service Initiatives
  • Glory Gives Back - players, coaches, and staff leading drives to help the community
  • Glory Stories - featuring people in the community doing good
  • Glory sharing Sponsor Shout Outs and backing businesses to build back our community
  • Glory Inspires - sharing inspiration to #findglory #focusonglory and make #glorymoments

Glory athletes actively brainstorm new project ideas that they will lead to assist those in need. We also hope to work with sponsors to help create meaningful services to the public. If you are interested in partnering or want to know more, please contact us at stepup@greenbayglory.com.

Special thanks to Travis Herber of Team Apparel & Specialties for getting these awesome shirts and hats made for us that will soon be available for you as well!!! And to Roxanne Knight of Roxanne Knight Photography for capturing the Glory so we can share it with you!!!