Getting to Know the Glory: Lauren Krcma

Before you ask, it’s pronounced “Kerch-ma”.

Lauren Krcma is one of the bright new faces that will be playing for the Glory. Lauren is a hometown girl who loves her community and is eager to watch the support grow for the team this year. We got to sit down with Lauren prior to the season kick-off and get to know her a little better…

Glory: How did you get involved with the Glory?

Lauren: I have known Bree, Kerry and Mel for over 10 years. I grew up playing at the Sports Emporium where I am now employed. My mom actually played with all three of them in women's league when I was about eleven years old. Bree reached out to me and asked me to tryout and with a little push from Morgan Prentice, Kerry and Bree I decided to tryout and made the team.

Glory: How long have you been playing soccer/how did you get your start?

Lauren: I started playing soccer when I was 8 years old. My uncle John was coaching a team and asked me to come play in a indoor game with my cousin at the Sports Emporium in DePere and it has stuck with me ever since.

Glory: What's your favorite part about being a soccer player? (What's your "why"?)

Lauren: My favorite part about being a soccer player is that I never stop learning. There is always someone out there that can teach you more about the sport.

Glory: Do you have a player whose style you could compare yourself to?

Lauren: Not anyone that comes to mind, I am a pretty versatile player and I am aggressive.

Glory: What are you most excited about for the Glory this season?

Lauren: I am excited to see the positive atmosphere our practices and games will hold.

Glory: Is there a certain team you're looking forward to (or dreading) facing?

Lauren: I am looking forward to playing against every team in our conference as it's much different than last year.  I think each team will bring something different to the game and we will have to adjust and react to what they bring.

Glory: What does support from the Green Bay community mean to you?

Lauren: Support from the Green Bay community means everything.  We are hoping to keep this program around for as long as we can to help inspire younger females and we can only do that with the help of the community.

Glory: Is there anything else you'd like the supporters to know about you?

Lauren: I am definitely a huge supporter of going green. I think everyone can do a better job at eliminating the vast amount of waste we create on a daily basis. There is so many small things you can do like; switching to reusable straws and bags. Using products that are decomposable makes a huge difference. One of the most important to me is always carrying a reusable water bottle. There's nothing I hate more than seeing plastic water bottles!

Rapid Fire

1. Hometown: DePere, WI

2. Position: Center-Mid

3. Age: 21

4. College: University of Minnesota Duluth

5. Fave Color: Blue

6. Fave Post-Game Meal: Quarter Pounder from Mcdonald's

7. Fave Soccer Team: Now it's the Green Bay Glory!

8. Fave Soccer Player: Alex Morgan

9. Fave Song Right Now: Don't Call Me Up by Mabel

10. Last Book You Read: Just After Sunset by Stephen King

11. Last Movie You Saw: Aquaman

12: Fave Goal Celebration (your own or one you've seen):

Definitely Jaci Mielke's celebrations are the best to watch. Everyone will have to wait until season to it!

Come watch Lauren and The Glory kick off their season on May 25th vs the Milwaukee Torrent at 6pm. Make sure to reserve your tickets today →

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