Ann Maki

De Pere, WI

Nickname: Maki
Hometown: De Pere, WI
Currently Living In: Allouez, WI
School: St. Norbert College
Graduation year: 2010
Area of study/what do you want to do: Graduated with a double major in Business Administration and Psychology
Occupation: Web Designer/Digital Marketing

Position: Center Mid
Playing Soccer Since: I was 5
Last Team You Played For: Lifestyle Ladies & Jambalaya :)... SNC

Favorite soccer memory: Winning the championship game at the San Marino Cup with my club team. We were up by 1 and I remember the ref saying "5 minutes left" about 6 times and looking at my teammate and both of us, feeling utterly exhausted, silently saying how…much...longer!? And then the final whistle FINALLY blew and everyone started jumping and screaming with joy…we were all so proud and excited at what we had accomplished together as a team!
Biggest soccer accomplishment: getting to meet so many awesome people I may not have met and getting to experience so many things that I may not have been able to without soccer.
Biggest life accomplishment: Woah, that’s a doozie. I kind of hope I haven’t had it yet. I’d like to do a lot more, but some of the biggest accomplishments I think I’ve had so far are running a charity soccer tournament, running a half marathon (I dislike just running so this was a big thing to push through that and train for so long)...
Soccer Idol: Kristine Lilly

Favorite Food: food…all of it
Favorite Hobby: Woodworking or crafting of some sort
Hidden talent: I can be decently handy around a house remodel 
Top 2 Favorite Movies: The Proposal and the Pitch Perfects
Favorite Band: childhood me would say the Spice Girls

What do you bring to the team? Fun and laughter, experience from multiple perspectives
Why do you love soccer? I have so many awesome memories with family and friends because of the game. So now, being at the fields always feels like being home - because the fields hold those memories to me. I think that’s why I’m most grateful to the sport - because of all of the memories and the opportunities it has brought me in one way or another. As for the game itself though, it’s got a lot of everything -sprinting, jogging, walking, kicking, throwing, thinking, diving (if you’re a goalie!), heading, trapping…you get it - which makes it continuously exciting! 
What are you excited about? Training, working hard and having fun!
What does this mean for you? This means I get another opportunity to train hard and play competitively and be around people who love the game as much as I do. It’s another opportunity to have fun with the sport that I love.

Ann says:
Everything from the team to the behind the scenes makes the Glory special. There is just so much heart, dedication and excitement in everything that’s done from planning to preparation by all involved - coaches, staff, players, supporters…you name it, it’s awesome!