McKayla Kertscher

Sheboygan, WI

Nickname: Mickey
Sheboygan, WI
Currently Living:
Green Bay, WI
University of Wisconsin - Green Bay
Graduation Year:
Area of study:
Babysitter and office help at a business

Playing Soccer Since:
6 years old
Last Team I Played For:
University of Wisconsin-Green Bay Women’s Soccer
Favorite soccer memory:
Just being able to play the sport I love and meet so many new people that will be in my life forever.
Biggest Soccer Accomplishment:
Reaching the college level to play soccer
Biggest Life Accomplishment:
Graduating high school and getting into college
Soccer Idol:
Tobin Heath and Mia Hamm

Favorite Food: Mac N Cheese
Favorite Hobby: 
Being outdoors
Hidden Talent
: I have a cool dance move that not many people can do
Top 2 Favorite Movies:
 The Blind Side and Stuck in Love
Favorite Band:
 Fleetwood Mac

What do I bring to the team: Hard work ethic and energy 
Why do I love soccer:
 I love soccer because it lets me clear my mind of everything. It also brings me so much happiness being on a team and playing the sport I love
What does this mean to me? 
This opportunity for me is a chance to become a better person and player.
What is special about the Glory? 
The Glory to me seems like such a special team. Although just put together recently I can see the enormous support they already have and that is really cool. It shows how great the people behind the team are and how respected they are in the community here in Green Bay. I’m excited to get started!
McKayla says...
 I am excited to be on a high level team with high level players to push me to be a better person on and off the field. Also the owners, coaches, players and community are excited for this team which is making me even more excited!