Morgan Reinhard

Pulaski, WI

Nickname: Morgs
Hometown: Pulaski
Currently Living In: Pulaski
School: UWGB
Graduation year: 2015
Area of study: Accounting
Occupation: CPA at CliftonLarsonAllen LLP

Position: Defense
Playing Soccer Since: 7-years old
Last Team You Played For: Allouez Stride
Favorite soccer memory: Winning our last club tournament, despite having only 12 players
Biggest soccer accomplishment: Making the Green Bay Glory soccer team. Making first team all conference my senior year of high school.
Biggest life accomplishment: Passing my CPA exams
Soccer Idol: Mia Hamm

Favorite Food: My Grandma's garlic mashed potatoes
Favorite Hobby: CrossFit & Soccer
Hidden talent: I can do a back flip
Top 2 Favorite Movies: Now and Then & Home Alone
Favorite Band: Eric Church

What do you bring to the team? I will bring a positive attitude and dedication to the team.
Why do you love soccer? I love soccer because it continuously challenges me to improve. I also love the team dynamic and the relationships it has created for me.
What are you excited about? I'm so excited just to play again. I'm especially excited that I to get to play with my little sister Skylar. I can't wait to meet the rest of the girls on the team and start playing together. 
What is special about the glory? The Green Bay community makes this team so special because there are already so many fans and we haven't even stepped on the field yet.
What have been your favorite Glory moments? In general, playing with my sister Sky. It's pretty cool to be along side her playing the sport we love! Also, I love the memory of Jaci sprinting at me full speed to jump and cling to me to celebrate a goal...and I definitely was not ready for it, so we both fell over haha
What do you look forward to the most about the upcoming season? Being back with the Glory team playing soccer. I've missed everyone so much! 
What personal goals do you have for the season? Better headspace, improved skills and fitness.

Morgan says...
This means everything to me. I unfortunately did not play in college, and honestly that is my biggest regret in life. Being able to play for the Green Bay Glory gives me a second shot at fulfilling my dream and passion of playing soccer at a high competitive level. I am so grateful for this opportunity.