Nicole Friis

Appleton, WI

Nickname: Friis or Nikki
Hometown: Appleton, WI
Currently Living In: St. Cloud, MN
School: St. Cloud State University
Graduation year: 2021
Area of study/what do you want to do: Biology, Ecology, and Evolution with a minor in Management
Occupation: Student

Position: Forward
Playing Soccer Since: u5 rec
Last Team You Played For: St. Cloud State University
Favorite soccer memory: Scoring the game winner off a header to beat SC Waukesha in the club state cup final, breaking their 4 year state winning streak and denying them the chance to go to the Region 2 championships again.  
Biggest soccer accomplishment: Getting my first college assist within a minute of entering my first game vs Concordia St. Paul.
Biggest life accomplishment: Being able to continue both my academics and athletics career at the next level.
Soccer Idol: Mesut Özil

Favorite Food: Strawberries
Favorite Hobby: Long walks
Hidden talent: I can burp on command  
Top 2 Favorite Movies: The Butterfly Effect and The Goonies
Favorite Band: Coldplay

What do you bring to the team? A no nonsense mentality, that loves fluid movement of the ball to expose gaps in the defensive line.
Why do you love soccer? The art in the movement and the feeling of winning a tough game with your closest friends by your side.
What are you excited about? I’m excited to gain more experience and meet new people that share my love for the game. 
What does this mean for you? This opportunity means that I will be able to develop more as a player and a person; thus allowing me to return to my junior year at St. Cloud better then I have ever been. Along with that, I will have gained knowledge that I would not have been able to learn if it wasn’t for Green Bay Glory.

Nicole Says:
Glory is special because for the first time young women in the northeastern side of Wisconsin will be able to showcase their talent and be able to express their love for the game like never before.