Glory Story: Mackenzie August’s Inner Athlete Helps her in Motherhood 

 April 11, 2021

By  Green Bay Glory

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Glory Story: Mackenzie August’s Inner Athlete Helps her in Motherhood

By: Amanda Kriescher

Soccer has been a faithful companion for the majority of Mackenzie August’s life journeying alongside her for some of the most important times in her life.  From playing soccer in college, semi-pro, building a successful business, and now her latest adventure - motherhood. Soccer has helped her navigate her journey and taught her much about life.  Above all else, is the lesson of resiliency.

August started playing as a young girl and went on to play at the University of Arizona Tucson. She then spent two years playing semi-pro and then in 2016 she started her own business, MacRoc Athletic Development Center, an exclusive training center in Northeast Wisconsin that specializes in player development and is the only facility in the state to house some of the highest tech training equipment of its kind. While soccer continued to be in her life through her work, August got another chance to step on the field as one of the players for Glory’s 2019 inaugural season. It was an opportunity she couldn’t pass up. While Glory was forced to take the 2020 season off, August focused on growing her business and her family. Something Glory Co-Founder Kerry Geocaris was thrilled to hear. 

“I was so excited to hear she would be our first new mom because if anyone can do this, it’s her. She is an incredible role model and is showing girls how to follow their dreams throughout life. So many girls believe they are done after college, marriage, and pregnancy because society told them so. You can continue to play the sport you love at any age and level. This is what I envisioned Glory to be for female athletes. An organization that supported and empowered them through all phases of womanhood. There are women who desire to keep playing and are fit to do so - they shouldn’t have to deal with naysayers. Support them. Cheer them on. Training, competing, connecting with teammates, and making time for themselves makes them better in their roles as mothers, wives, employees, leaders, etc. And what an incredible way to teach your child by showing them how it’s done.”

There are many things August loves about the Green Bay Glory, but most importantly is the focus on family and the close-knit bonds that form between the coaches and players and the team and its fans. These bonds were instrumental for her during her pregnancy as August found herself having to call on her faith and resilience to get her through one of the most challenging times of her life. 

Her pregnancy came with unexpected high-risk complications, including affecting how she delivered. After a roughly one-month hospital stay, her son, Sully was born on February 26, 2021 and spent some subsequent time in the NICU.  During this time August leaned heavily on her faith, relying on God, knowing that ultimately, He was in control. This time in the hospital prior to Sully’s birth, being just her and her unborn child, due to COVID restrictions, gave her perspective of living life day to day and not taking any time for granted. To “make the most of it” even through the trying times. To “live each day to the fullest.”  And when you least expect it, you will “find out where God shows up.”  Being a long-time planner and control freak, this letting go was something new for August, but it helped show her that life goes on no matter what and you need to figure out a way to get through it.

August got through it and will carry the lessons from her pregnancy experience into the soccer season. Co-founder Melissa Cruz-Cuene is excited for Glory to be part of her journey back to the pitch. “Glory fosters a mindset of resilience. In sports, there is an onslaught of highs and lows mentally, physically, and emotionally. Our goal as an organization is to help players navigate through these challenges with positivity. I have no doubt that Mac is up for the challenge.”

August is back training 100% and successfully balancing business ownership, marriage and motherhood, along with all her other roles and responsibilities.  August says, “I’m bringing a new perspective to playing the sport that formed me. There will be a whole new vibe to stepping out on the field this year.” Just like when you are battling on the soccer field, you may win some battles and lose others; but in the end it’s all about being resilient and remaining strong. With a positive attitude and the right support, you can get through everything. For August, it is truly about resilience. It’s about realizing what you’re worth and striving towards that. She urges all of us to not give up on our dreams and stay true to ourselves. 

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