Green Bay Glory Gives Back to Howe Elementary “Cool Athletes Read” Program

Green Bay Glory, Green Bay’s inaugural premier women’s soccer team, is teaming up with Howe Elementary school to celebrate the importance of literacy. To celebrate, Howe Elementary and their students are putting on a “carnival of sports” in which sports teams from around the community will be engaging with the students in the respective sports. According to Noon Optimist Club President, Craig Siminski, in order to participate in this event, “children [had] to complete a reading requirement” with the main goal being to promote literacy both in and out of the classroom.

While participating in this event, the Noon Optimist Club will be donating brand new sports equipment to 85 students from kindergarten to fifth grade. In using this new equipment, the students will test the Green Bay Glory’s soccer skills through a scrimmage along with having the chance to hear how literacy has allowed them to succeed both athletically and academically.

Through literacy, students develop the words they understand, which then turn into the words they use to communicate with those around them. Knowing this, the staff at Howe Elementary, the Noon Optimist Club, and the Green Bay Glory felt empowered to team-up, shoot, and score with literacy.

Simulating the teamwork that is seen on the soccer field, Craig Siminski, from the Noon Optimist Club, reached out to Glory founder, Kerry Geocaris, about having the team manage the soccer station. Kerry and Craig then came into contact with Shannon Haggerty at Howe Elementary to begin working out the fine print details of the event.

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